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Sain Arden is a Symphonic Rock / Metal project with a strong influence of Classical and Celtic music. Harmoniously combining traditional and progressive sounds, Sain Arden accents the beauty of each individual instrument. A strong female vocal is a key feature of most compositions. Blended with rich sound of guitar and string instruments, the leading voice introduces diversity within Classical and Celtic flavoured pieces.

Sain Arden was founded by Russian guitarist Alexey Kononenko in 2008. Various Symphonic Metal bands at the time triggered the idea, although the project was originally intended as a studio record only. Alexey started working on the music and lyrics while still living in Russia, rearranging some of his previous works and adding new compositions. The structure of the first album was finalized in 2009. By that time, Alexey immigrated to Canada and commenced his search for musicians. The genre's specifics created some setbacks, until the challenge was finally taken by Kelly Stodola, a Vancouver freelance drummer, who recorded the first and final drum tracks for the album in mid 2010.

Proceeding further, Alexey engaged other musicians, including bass (Tony Kerr), cello (Finn Maniche, Clara Shandler), flute (Alyssa Stevenson), violin (Cameron Wilson), and piano (John Dean). The core of the project was completed but the complications remained finding a vocalist. The delay eventually played out well, allowing for the accumulation of additional funds to record a string quartet (Christine Lin - violin, Daejin Kim - violin, John Kastelic - viola, Clara Shandler - cello).

By the time the strings were almost ready, a few takes were done with Laura Kelsey, who eventually completed the lead vocal for the album. Subsequently, harp tracks (Alys Howe) and soprano overdubs (Ruthie Lipshulch) were added. All studio work was completed in Vancouver, BC, and the tracks were sent to the USA for mixing and mastering (Commodor Perry Barrett). Named after one if its compositions (A Tear From The Conquered Realm), the album was officially released in February 2014, and consisted of 13 audio tracks, 8 of which were with vocal.

In the same year (2014), Sain Arden entered The Western Canadian Music Awards, and was nominated in the category Metal/Hard Music Recording of the Year. Gradually, the project evolved into something more than just a studio record, and first plans were made for a live performance. However, creating a live show required permanent band members, and the following two years were spent in a daunting task finding right people. Although new material had been developed, Sain Arden was constantly hindered by come-and-go musicians. Finally, the band line-up appeared in the beginning of 2017 with Hedy-Marie (Lead Vocal), Alexey Kononenko (Guitars), Rolf Popp (Drums), and Kevin Armstrong (Bass/Guitars).

Yet, there is a long road ahead, and Sain Arden intends to follow it with never-ending flow of creativity.

latest news

Aug 27, 2016 - MNET Radio Festival

for the 2014 Western Canadian Music Awards

NEW ALBUM (2014)
- A Tear From The Conquered Realm -
Follow the NEWS for a production video and additional information.
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